Well Allan… so glad you spoke with Mensa on this matter. After all, they are the gold standard for brainiacs. I’m going to have to change the two things I have on my own List of what’s a bit more Dumb than Donald. They would be a) a pile of hair; and b) a pile of bear shit.

However, I’m wondering if Mensa had listened to Trump’s Address to the Parliament in South Korea last night, would they modify their List to include even DUMBER THINGS? After all, it was, by far, the most cringeworthy, idiotic, embarrassingly dumb, narcissistic, crazily provocative, outrageous speech for ANY President of the U.S.A. Can anyone imagine our President talking to the South Koreans as if they were six graders teaching them THEIR OWN FUCKING HISTORY FOR 20 MINUTES AS IF THEY DID NOT ALREADY KNOW IT! Can anyone imagine our President plugging his OWN NEW JERSEY GOLF COURSE TO THE SOUTH KOREANS IN ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ADDRESSES SINCE THE 1990’s!!! Can anyone imagine telling the NK DICTATOR, KIM JONG UN THAT HE’s A MURDERING THUG and expect him NOT to think it A DIRECT PROVOCATION TO HIT US WITH A FEW WELL-PLACED NUKES!!!! It’s been awhile since I found myself actually SCREAMING at my TV…

I want to hear what Mensa would say about the DUMBNESS of that. Please, please, please, Allan, ask them. And then write about it next. We will all wait on the edges of our scary political seats.

*sorry. I did it again. I ranted. I’m still so pissed from last night. please forgive*

by education, I’m a clinical psycologist, PhD. by vocation, I’m a writer with the heart of a poet. by avocation, I’m a connoisseur of human folly. cats rule.

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