i’m back, almost whole again

i’ve really, really updated this!

in december i wrote geez, favorite writers. so, so sorry!
wow, was I wrong back then. I didn’t know how bad i was.

i never thought i would not be okay and well
for another three months. that’s the way my
body behaved. by march, finally, I was fine.
then came something called coronavirus.
so i was put on home lockdown. it was
nyc. the epicenter of what eventually
turned out to be covid-19. we were
surrounded by apocalyptic horror.
most of you know the rest. i’m
still here. but writing from
been in lockdown
for ten months.
another story. but
i want to thank
you all again,
so much for
the support, your
wonderful comments,
and frankly… for just
being there. it’s so lovely
to have a Medium family.
all these past months have been
a crazy ride. wild dreams. insane
imagery. at times i felt certain i was
losing my mind. being dependent on
doctors to have the right answers was all
too scary as hell! finding the best, the smartest
kindest, those who are wise and calm and truly
confident is a daunting task while your body screams
silently for help. but eventually out of the medical chaos
came a brilliant team who actually saw me, the whole person;
saw the pain; saw the only mission was, with laser-like precision,
to thoroughly understand the disease, called
sjrogren’s syndrome.
they were there to create solutions from which came effective,
efficient treatments that didn’t kill me. patience was needed.
faith and hope too. then one day i felt the warmth of the
sun on my face and realized i was free of pain. and
suddenly my brain fog had dissipated. there
was a clarity of thought i hadn’t felt in
a long time. and finally, finally a
freedom to move forward with
my life. i’m working now.
i’ve started reading
your posts.doing
claps, replies
when i can.
i’ve just
my muse has
brushed past me
and winked as he
he used to, with roses.

so yes, here i am. back.
perhaps this is too
personal and best
left to to my
i just wanted,
suddenly and
to share my feelings.
to thank you so much
for being there & listening.

below i wanted to personally thank those of you who were so kind and thoughtful to leave me comments. they meant a lot.
Stephen M. Tomic, Rose MyErotica, DiAmaya Dawn, Meg, T.S. Narkissa Luna, Jack Herlocker, Indira Reddy, Dennett, LB, Erika Burkhalter, Tre L. Loadholt, Julia Kantic, kurt gasbarra, Pamela Edwards, Jack Preston King, Paul S Markle, Roy, E. Scott Alighieri, Danna Colman, Kelly Sgroi, Edward Punales, Jonathan M., Adam, Diabetic Cyborg, Annie Caldwell, Selma, Joanne P, Fierce Force 💃🏼, Tracy Aston, Daphelba DeBeauvoir, Left Wisdom, Stefani Vader, Dermott Hayes, Bridget Webber, Elisabeth Moore🌹, Annie Littlewolf, Lorraine Heth, Allan Wing, Terrye Turpin, Elizabeth Helmich, Jef Littlejohn, Louise Foerster, Pamela Posa, Jk Mansi Cheridan Smith, Nolan Saltzman, Ph.D

and to those who clapped for my december ’19 story, (especially to those who I don’t know — a special thanks) please know i love claps… just love them!
Cheridan Smith, Jazalyn, Angie Romano, Irene Brooks, Ken Kamami, Caz, Kay Bolden, Andrew Miller, KJ Cooper, ☜ T. A. Fave ☞, Todd Clayton Stuart, Zarina Dara 🥀💃🏻, Carole Marples, Garrett Haselton, Vaghawan Ojha, Pat Link, A Maguire, edh lamport, Edd Jennings, Inge Moore, amusinglovers, E. Scott Alighieri, Róisín McLiam, Mike Meyer, Heath ዟ, Allan Ishac, Mike Essig

if i’ve left anyone out, please forgive! it’s been awhile!

© Joan A. Evans 2021 All rights reserved

by education, I’m a clinical psycologist, PhD. by vocation, I’m a writer with the heart of a poet. by avocation, I’m a connoisseur of human folly. cats rule.

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